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What else? - Four questions people always ask:

“What Do You Mean By HIaaS, Hardware Innovation as a Service?”

Shenzhen is the silicon valley of industrial use electronics hardware. Shenzhen One is a vertical integrator and platform who have connected more than 100 experienced design and development companies, that's to say, we have gained a huge inventory of expertise for more than 5000 different industrial use electronics items, In this way, we have learned and experienced, there is no need to design and develop a new product from scratch, in most cases, what's the very new for a client, is readily available from our "inventory". Therefore, hardware innovation for us becomes an internal search for some semiform or similar-form with validation and re-engineering. It is quick, safe and cost-efficient, we call this process hardware innovation as a service.

What's the actual meaning of "Product Life-circle Tech-Support" ?

Product Life-circle Tech-Support means the hardware & software tech-support for the whole period of product life-circle, this life-circle does not mean Mean Time To Failure (MTTF), but the lifespan across the industry life-circle, the latter is even longer than the former. For example, for an industrial hardware with TFT-LCD, the MTTF may be 50,000 hours as per the limits of the LCD backlight lifetime, but the main processor of this hardware may be available within 10 years. During such a long life-circle, thanks to our competent R & D base with solid, proprietary SDK tools, we are able to provide tech-support independently.

How would you protect the intellectual property of our custom solution ?

To securely protect customer's intellectual property & trade secrets, we have implemented a blackbox program that is purposely built to isolate the development & manufacturing process from the public supplychain in China, All the confidenticals including but not limited to any of the physical parts as well as visuals, schematics, etc, will remain invisible and unaccessible to the 3rd party. Thanks to our own SMT workshop and JV tooling house, With such an effective veil applied on each step,we are able to prevent others from wrongly profiting from customer's proprietary solutions.

How do you handle warranty ?

The best warranty policy is that we make every effort to reduce the failure rate to the minimum, as per our experience 0.1%,then customers don't have to worry about the support calls and focus more on the sales calls.

However, in some cases, when there are some product failures, We provive one-year warranty either via repairing or via replacement, with service parts availability within at lease 3 years.

When we get a product failure report from our customers, we firstly receive the goods from our dedicated warehouse in Hongkong for fast action.For general repair and parts replacement warranty event, we just proceed in HK warehouse directly then ship the units back.